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Our target participants: Everyone with a bachelor degree or any equivalent title .
Master’s Goals - Knowledge of theoretical and methodological models of teachers’ training; - Competences of documentation and monitoring of teachers’ training;  - Competences of organization and handling of self-learning groups; - Know how to monitor the efficiency of teachers’ training interventions. - Planning, research-action, observation-listening skills; - know how to develop a psycho-pedagogical mentality of teachers; - know how develop teachers’ skills and professionalism; - understand the pedagogic dimension of educational professionalism;  - capability of support, address and ease educational practice and relationship between  teachers, students, families and social community;  - Develop the capability of providing documentary evidence and monitoring the realization of Educational projects and labs by verifying its quality, coherence and internal and mutual congruence, to optimize the use of resources in the organization, management area of the offered service; - know how to provide a documentary evidence and spread pedagogic-didactic activity within the teaching community to promote educational continuity.
Formation This Master wants to give professional competences for “Instructor of Teachers” degree by teaching theoretical and methodological models and intervention strategies within the teacher’s training area.
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Master Degree Certificate of “Expert in Training of Teachers” Master Period:  3.000 hours (2 years) (700 hours in class, 800 hours of e-learning, 900 hours of stage, 600 hours of formative path’s documentation) Master Fee:    3.500,00 € (Books and lecture notes included) ENTER THE WEBSITE