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Our target participants: * Teachers (infancy, special aid), * Teacher’s Instructor, Education Experts, Infancy Counsellors * Inspectors, Directors, Managers, Educational Supervisor * Psychopedagogist
Course’s Goals  Gain knowledge about: - Specific accreditation of educational institution - Management in the organization and management area - Quality of management in the human and professional resources - Formative quality of didactic and educational system - Social quality of relationship with families and social context - Quality for the training services and system certification Course Title Certificate of “Expert of Quality in the School Teaching System” Course Period:  200 hours (40 hours in class, 50 hours of e-learning, 60 hours of stage, 50 hours of formative path’s documentation) Course Fee:    500,00 € (Books and lecture notes included)
The course wants to develop the culture of quality of school system and infancy services through the knowledge of a certification model that will allow elaboration, development, monitoring and evaluation of school, teachers, managers and operators’ upgrading process of education. Formation
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