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The I. S.P.E.F. is an Institute of Education, Research and the Quality of professional and institutional organizations working in the field of SOCIAL SCIENCES and HUMANITIES. I.S.P.E.F. has registered and administrative office in Rome where develops Projects, Studies, Research and Experimentation on Innovative regional, national and international level in accordance with the Lisbon European Council of 2000 and what the European Union and the countries of Latin America are doing. In I.S.P.E.F. work highly qualified Experts and Employees with considerable experience in the field of quality of social and educational services, educational and vocational training, university, and of planning of interventions in Human Sciences field.  ( e
Models and Experimentation in Education
SCHOOL INTEGRATION  AND SOCIAL UNEASE     dal 1997 1982-2002 ROME * Psycho pedagogical Counseling  * Psycho pedagogical Training  * Teaching Experimentation 1992-2003 LAZIO REGION Update and service training projects for teachers and school managers CONTACT US PROJECT FARE SCUOLA LATINA CONTACT US