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The project "QuYS - Making Community" is useful to develop socio- cultural activities and guidance in the world of work in the local context in which it operates. The project "QuYS - Making Community" objectives are to analyze and verify, in each specific local and social context: 1) the working and promotion of quality of Social-Cultural-Economic services, milestones in adolescents, Youth, Families, and the Community Social lives and in the World of Work; 2) the development of training, innovation, creation and development of: - social, cultural and economic business; - employment and the possible increase of workers; - demand and socio-cultural career orientation services for adolescents and young people; - social and cultural culture related to adolescents and young people; - the demand for employment within the specific territorial business development; - guidance and entering the world of work; - business culture within the specific economic and production system. IThe project "QuYS - Making Community" duration is 3 years. The structure of the project "QuYS - Making Community" is modular and consists in 3 phases(see diagram on the previous page): 1. RESEARCH for the SOCIAL-CULTURAL-ECONOMIC CONTEXT        ANALYSIS 2. PROMOTION, CONSULTING AND SUPPORT TO THE      SOCIAL, CULTURAL AND ECONOMIC CORPORATE CULTURE 3. TRAINING FOR THE CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF     CORPORATE SOCIO-CULTURAL SERVICES AND IN THE WORLD     OF WORK These phases fully implemented allow to create- develop-enhancing the whole social community.
  QuYS Project
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