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Teacher Training for Students Motivational  and Emotional Development
The finality of the project is the creation of an European Model of Teaching Training in order to guarantee a professionalism oriented to the acquisition of emotional strategies, necessary to guide a students through the path of knowledge of himself. The consciousness of oneself that the individual develops through this path is functional for the development of the Logic and Emotional Intelligence, those are the base of motivation to study and scholastic learning. Direct beneficiaries: teachers and educators working in the secondary school with 14-16 years old students, who are the population at highest risk of discomfort at European level. Indirect beneficiaries: are the institutes of secondary instruction and the students of the considered age bracket. Objectives: creation of a Community of Practice where to manage and develop the core activities of the project: - Research and analysis of the cases of teacher training aimed at the development of Emotional Strategies - Definition of teachers skills to be considered for the definition of the Model of Training - The implementation of the Dynamic Model of Training - Planning of paths through methodology GOPP - Validation of the paths through an experimental pilot study. Results: 1. Portal INT.EM.A.. in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese. 2. Report of research on the meaningful materials of teaching training to the emotional strategies in both papery and digital form in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese; 3. Dynamic model of training implemented on the portal in the community of practice and in the network of schools involved in the partnership; 4. Validated paths of training usable by the beneficiary groups in the area “products” of the portal.
  INTE.M.A. Project
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